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Happy Holidays!

Wishing Everyone a Happy Holiday season filled with love & laughter. 

Sincerely,  Garlands Lodge Staff


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    The holidays will be soon so happy holidays to all! http:/
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Dialogue with Beauty: Scotty Mitchell Landscapes

Scotty Mitchell, one of our favorite Colorado Plateau artists, will be featured at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff.

November 15th - February 15th 2015. 


Her pastels capture the beauty of the Colorado Plateau, focusing on the Boulder/ Escalante Wilderness areas in Southern Utah. 




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The changing of the seasons is always amazing here.

This year fall has hung on a little longer than usual, just stunning.


The Annual Pumpkin Carving on the lawn.










Happy Halloween!


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Passing the Torch

Dear Garland's Lodge Guests,

We have exciting news to share!  We have been seeking the right buyer for the Lodge for the last six or seven years, and have found the perfect stewards for this special place.

Five friends will share the investment:  Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Alex Brigham, and Ken and Laura McElroy. They all reside in Phoenix, so have Arizona roots, and appreciate the historic significance of the Lodge.  Between them, they have five boys and are excited for the kids to visit often and learn all that the Lodge has to teach.

The Lodge has been our life work for the last 42 years, as it was for the Todd family for the 40 years prior.  We are thrilled that the new owners share our love for this beautiful property, appreciate the cabins, the spring water, and the organic orchards and gardens, and are committed to carrying on the tradition.  

With the leadership of our managers, Taylor Swain and Megann Dastrup, who live on premises, and the retention of our excellent staff, the Lodge operation will go forward in good hands.  We plan to stay on in an advisory capacity, so look forward to seeing you again.

We are very grateful for your support and loyalty over the years, and hope that you will continue to visit the Lodge for years to come.  

With true fondness and thanks,

Gary and Mary Garland


Image 1

Left to right: Robert Kiyosaki, Mary Garland, Kim Kiyosaki, Alex Brigham, Ken McElroy, Gary Garland, Lesley Brice

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