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Every year magic happens in our garden. Rows of nitrogen fixing plants are set for the winter and removed come spring. The chicken coop is mucked, the "droppings" added to the compost pile. After weeks of stirring the pile and ammending with other organic materials a large pile of beautiful soil is produced. We use this for everything, enriching our soil to enhance the garden year to year. As Mario says, "You can taste when the soil is unbalanced".

 IMG 2443          IMG 2452

As the soil is ready and the spring temperatures rise the garden transformation continues. The greenhouse is filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce greens and chives. Trays of starts from seed are planted and kept warm and happy until it is time to move outdoors.

IMG 2780              

Kale, Chard, Peppers, Tomatoes, and more are transitioned outdoors in late spring. Insulated for the first week or so to prevent frost.

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