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Confused ?!?

July 7th: AZ Republic Headline Announced " Oak Creek Canyon is closed, but..."

July 8th: Buried in USA today section was an article announcing... "89A through Oak Creek Canyon open again after being closed because of flooding." 

Guess What? To date there has not been flooding!


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Thank You AZCC!

Thanks to the Arizona Conservation Corps that sent these amazing young people to us. 

They worked tirelessly all last week, constructed a wall of sand bags to protect our irrigation ditch, a precious lifeline both for the apple orchard and fire protection.


DSC 0165DSC 0155

 DSC 0164
DSC 0166



DSC 0147

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The Week After...


We have been reopened for a week, the incoming guests have been pleasantly surprised. The grounds are lush and green. We are tending our prized few peaches and anticipate a big apple crop. The lower corner of the lower orchard is a dramatic example of the power of fire and how blessed we are to have the water resources to fight it.mcmahaorchard

Mario's garden is thriving. Dinner menus feature lettuces, green garlic, and herbs, with the promise of more homegrown veggies soon! Go to "Dining" on our website for upcoming menus. We have unusual availability on Monday - Thursday nights. Now is your chance the experience the quiet canyon we all treasure. 

The switchbacks are closed until the weekend of July 3rd, but all the hiking trails are open, with the exception of West Fork and AB Young.    



 Thank you Mike McMahan for these beautiful pictures. 

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  • We are glad that you survived the fire - we were concerned. Good luck, and we hope to visit again next year
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