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Special Events: Organic Gardening Month

Organic Gardening Month

As times change, people are beginning to think about where their food comes from and if it is done through sustainable practices. Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge began using organic gardening practices in the 90s to create a healthier, more sustainable garden, orchard and greenhouse. To celebrate and educate the benefits of gardening, and sustainable eco-friendly products, Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge will be hosting the first annual Organic Gardening Month all through the month of July.

The month will feature special blogs on gardening practices, as well as special interviews with experts and those close to Garland’s. We will also be hosting four events throughout the month, with all proceeds going back to Gardens for Humanity, a local Sedona organization that is creating community, peace and awareness through the cultivation of community gardens. Registration for all events is now open. Register now via EventBrite

practices and principles of organic beekeeping

Tuesday July 14, 2015Practices and Principles of Organic Beekeeping: An Educational Workshop Lead by Patrick Pynes

This educational workshop will be led by local beekeeper and expert Patrick Pynes ( Patrick is an expert on apiculture and will be speaking to guests about beekeeping, his extensive experience and the honey bee hives on the Garland’s property. Patrick has been an organic gardener and beekeeper since 1989, and is the President of the Northern Arizona Organic Beekeepers' Association This event is sure to fill you with buzz!

Time: 11:30am

Registration Fee: $15

Click Here to Register

Smaller Day in the Garden Promo

Thursday July 16, 2015 – A Day in the Gardens: Tour the Garland’s Orchards and Gardens with Tips from the Experts

Enjoy a tour lead by the Garland’s gardener, Mario Valeruz and their orchardist, Rob Lautze. Learn about Garland’s organic gardening processes, the produce that grows and get any questions answered that you may have. Mario and Rob are experts in their field and can offer many insights to participants. It’s a beautiful way to spend your afternoon.

Time: 11:30am

Registration fee: $15

Click Here to Register

Smaller An Afternoon of Pairs

Tuesday July 21, 2015 – An Afternoon of Pairs: A Tasting Event Featuring Locally Sourced Wines, Chocolates and Cheeses

An Afternoon of Pairs is an opportunity to sample wines, cheese and chocolate that will make your palate sing. Javelina Leap Winery & Vineyard will be providing the wine at this delectable event. ChocolaTree Organic Oasis will be providing the chocolates for guests to savor. All products will be sourced locally and will shine a light on Arizona businesses. Upscale and tasty, this event is perfect for the foodie in all of us.

Time: 3:30pm-5:00pm

Registration Fee: $30

Click Here to Register

smaller chef brian widmer

Thursday July 23, 2015 – Meet the Chef: Brian Widmer

Chef Brian Widmer is the mastermind behind the kitchen at Garland’s. An experienced executive Chef from Maine, Brian Widmer comes from the culinary program at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. He was as a chef for Grand Canyon National Park Lodges for 13 years and spent 8 of those years at Phantom Ranch. Chef Brian is creating and developing new recipes in the kitchen that add to Garland's well known reputation for dining. 

At this event, guests can hear from Chef Brian his techniques, the way he creates and incorporates dishes using local products and produce straight from the garden. Participants will be able to ask Chef Brian questions and learn what it takes to be the chef at a highly rated retreat.

Time: 11:30am

Registration Fee: $15

Click Here to Register

Stay tuned to our blog for more information on events, blog features and special interviews. Registration is now open! Be sure to pre-register since these events do have caps and we anticipate to be full to capacity. We hope to see you in July to learn about organic and local living in Arizona, and to support a wonderful organization Gardens for Humanity.

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#GarlandsGetaway Pinterest Contest!


1000 Pinterest Giveaway

At Garland’s Lodge we believe in rest and relaxation. We want you to have the perfect getaway whether that means a massage by Oak Creek, reading a book by the fireplace, savoring our daily menus, fishing in Oak Creek, a day trip into Sedona or simply admiring the beauty around you. No matter what your ideal getaway is, you can find it at Garland’s.

We are launching a #GarlandsGetaway Pinterest contest for you to win a free third night stay at Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge.  How does it work? Create your own Pinterest board with #GarlandsGetaway in the title. You can pin photos from past experiences, other photos you have seen or images of what vacation means to you: reading a book, sipping on wine, or cozying up to a fire. Create a Pinterest board that tells a visual story of what a relaxing getaway means to you!

We will look at all of the Pinterest boards submitted and choose a winner by June 30th. One Winner will receive one additional night free to add onto an existing two-night reservation at Garland’s Lodge. What are you waiting for? Get pinning now!

Check out to find inspiration!

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Garland's Lodge: An Insider's View

Smallest Garlands Grounds

If you have been to Garland’s in recent years you have probably been greeted by the smiling faces of Megann Dastrup and Taylor Swain, the husband and wife team that are running Garland’s and doing it well. Recently, Megann talked about Garland’s from her unique perspective. After all, nobody knows the ins and outs of Garland’s like one of the managers.

Megann understands that Garland’s does things differently than most lodges and resorts. Their committed staff, beautiful grounds, cozy cabins and delicious meals are all part of the magical mixture that has kept Garland’s a family tradition for years. While guests may come looking for different levels of relaxation, Garland’s presents opportunities for guests to interact and build relationships with one another. “The majority of the guests that come up here to see their friends year after year have met through vacation stays and catch up when they see each other each season. There’s a large contingency that comes up to interact with others, and another subset where people like to just come up and decompress, relax, and savor the peace and quiet. There is a sense of camaraderie here and we foster that by sitting guests with other guests, especially with our informal tea time where guests can chat and socialize with one another.”

When you stay at Garland’s you get to stay in one of sixteen cozy cabins and are treated to a filling breakfast, afternoon tea and an extravagant four course meal each night. While the dining experience captures most of the attention and press write ups, the overall experience and atmosphere is why most guests return to Garland’s year after year. “Dining guests the limelight and it is a huge component of what we do. But a lot of our guests come to us for the rusticity and the quiet of coming to Garland’s. They get to stay in rustic accommodations and really experience peace and quiet.”

As soon as you cross the creek and pull up to the main lodge, you instantly unplug. There’s no cell service so you can completely leave social media, email and work obligations behind. It is an immediate signal that lets you know that it is time for relaxation. Guests feel at home when they come to Garland’s, they come back each season for the comfort and familiarity of Garland’s. The staff makes relaxing stays at Garland’s possible. From the staff that leads dinner service, to the people that clean the cabins and the individuals that maintain the gardens and grounds, Garland’s wouldn’t be same without their amazing staff. “The employees really care and make this place what it is. A lot of our staff has been here for years. There are three brothers and their spouses that all work here and they’ve been working here for over 20 years! Our orchardist & gardener have been here for 30 years. We do have newer employees, Taylor and I have been here for 5, which isn’t as long as some of our other employees. A lot of hotels and lodges have a lot of turnover, but we are lucky to have staff that wants to work here year after year. Plus our guests look forward to seeing the same staff one season after the other, guests get to see familiar faces year after year.”

Megann realizes how lucky she is to work and live in such a beautiful place. “One of my favorite things about living here and being on premises is how beautiful and manicured the grounds are yet how wild it is. There is a balance between the beautiful comfort of the cabins and well maintained grounds, and the rugged, wild surroundings. We are very different than a hotel: we get flash floods, bears and encounters with other wild animals. When people come here, they get nice accommodations but they can also experience the wild in whatever way they want to experience the wild.”

Garland’s truly offers an experience unlike any other. The cabins are simple, cozy and intimate. The meals are hearty and fresh. When you go to Garland’s you take in the fresh air and forget about your everyday cares. It’s a perfect place to unwind, relax and get in touch with nature. The caring and committed staff is there to help make your stay the best it can be. Megann and Taylor manage the property with a smile and welcome all guests with open arms. So what are you waiting for? Book a stay at Garland’s this season.

From May 27-28, 2015 there will be a special Birding Retreat held at Garland’s. Guests will be treated to a morning tour and will be fully immersed in all the natural beauty that Oak Creek Canyon has to offer. To join us for the retreat, or book a stay during the season, you can call: (928) 282-3343 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.

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Birding Retreat at Garland's

Birding Retreat

One of the best things about Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge is the intricate balance between the property and the wild surroundings of Oak Creek Canyon. Guests can walk through the organic peach, apple and pear orchards, watch the commotion of the kitchen coop, and breathe in the fresh air while sitting by Oak Creek. Everywhere you go on the Garland’s property, you are touched by nature.

 Megann Dastrup, one of the manager’s at Garland’s believes the interplay between the wild outdoors and the subtle beauty of the cabins on site are what makes Garland’s special: “One of my favorite things about living here and being on premises is how beautiful and manicured the grounds are yet how wild it is. There is a balance between the cabins and grounds we maintain, and the rugged wilderness around us. A stay here with us is very different than a hotel. We get flash floods, bears and get up close to the wildlife that lives here. People get great accommodations but they also experience the wild in whatever way they want to experience the wild.”

From the food served for breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner, to the wildflowers growing across the grounds, Garland’s reflects the natural beauty already there. The cabins, main lodge, green house and gardens are all at one with the wild surroundings. Everything flows together seamlessly; nature and man coexist in a perfect balance. 

To bring our guests even closer to nature, we’re bringing birding to Garland’s with a Birding Retreat open to anyone and everyone from May 27-28, 2015 after Memorial Day weekend. This year, the Birding Retreat will also feature a tour on the morning of May 28th. Every fall, birding groups come up to Garland’s and last year one group saw over 30 different species during their retreat.  Oak Creek Canyon is home to many different species and is a favorite spot for birders. Whether you are a bird watching enthusiast or are simply curious about the experience, you are welcome to attend! This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the natural beauty and wildlife found in Oak Creek Canyon.

To check availability, book a stay or just come to dinner you can call (928) 282-3343  or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also like us on Facebook and follow our Pinterest board. We are excited about the birding retreat this year and hope you can attend. It will be a beautiful summer at Garland’s.

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