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Fisherman delight in the pools of Oak Creek, which is stocked with Rainbow Trout from May through September, and home to native German Browns. People of all ages enjoy splashing around at Slide Rock. Yoga buffs delight in classes offered at our Creeskide Pavillion. No phones or TVs offer time to read a good book while enjoying our lush grounds and the peace and quiet of the lodge.

Things To Do

Most returning guests take advantage of the many beautiful hikes in Oak Creek Canyon.

Many of our guests enjoy the beauty and quiet of a walk through our orchards...


You may want to pamper yourself with a private massage in your cabin or a luxurious facial in our little log cabin.

As well as our beautiful organic gardens.
For those interested in Native American arts and crafts, Garland's Navajo Rugs and Garland's Indian Jewelry have extensive inventories. Sedona is home to many fine shops and galleries, notably those in Tlaquepaque, Hozho, and Hillside.

Explorers will enjoy day trips to Montezuma's Well and Castle, Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater and Wapatki National Monuments, as well as the Grand Canyon.


This cabin without a phone rests on a bank of tangled myrtle . . . This cabin has become my retreat and my tradition, a place of replenishment and peace.
— Judith Morgan, Copley News Service

"Over the years, our favorite getaway has been Garland?s in Oak Creek Canyon," said Jerry Colangelo, the man who is quickly is becoming one of the most powerful in all of professional sports. He said he enjoys the lodge because there are no TVS, no phones, just peace and quiet. And the home cooking! They pull fresh trout right out ofthe creek.
— Ron Hoon, AZ Highroads, March/April 1996

Cabin Fever - Arizona's Oak Creek Canyon . . . is a quiet getaway where it?s okay to slow down for the seasons . . . As a coast dwelling San Diegan, I seek out Sedona for the pleasures of the seasons. Spring brings explosions of blossoms, from orchards dating to early 1900 homestead days. Summer means youngsters will be sluicing and squealing over he smooth wet bowls of Slide Rock State Park. My own favorite time is autumn...Sumacs bristle a crusty crimson . . . Enormous pumpkins are carved into masks that leer beside the rope latched doors at Garland?s. The air is musky sweet from thepressing of apple cider . . ."
— Judith Morgan, San Diego Magazine 2/06

Sedona's Best Kept Secret. Guests like to sit out under the stars in Adirondack chairs, sip the Lodge's wonderful cider, and gloat. And well they should: getting a cabin here, especially on a weekend, is the leisure traveler's equivalent of gaining admission to Harvard.
— Travel and Leisure 9/99

Sweet Dreams - The West's Best Small Inns Despite the allure of the town, many guests at Garland's Oak Creek Lodge never set foot off the property during their entire stay. It's not that Garland's offers a compelling list of activities. Rather, guest come simply to soak up magnificient views, enjoy great food and do . . . nothing.
Nora Burba Trulsson Sunset Magazine Feb/01